Your donations go a long way, big or small

The current situation with covid has hit many people hard and has brought businesses to a standstill.
We’ve never asked for support before, but we need to consider other sources of revenue to continue.
So we decided to create our own donations page in an effort to ease the load on our monthly costs. 

Although we’re a small streaming network and offer our services free, we need to pay for our servers
every month to keep things running, we’re finding ourselves in difficult times and hope we can raise
some funds to keep our streaming servers online, and continue providing live music to our listeners.

Any donations we receive go straight back into our monthly server costs.

You can also help us by listening through ads in our live streams, ads are triggered by TargetSpot
If you’d like to donate, you can leave a message or tick the box to make an anonymous donation.
You’ll be redirected to PayPal.com All transactions are processed securely through PayPal.com

If you feel like supporting our streaming projects on MixLive.ie we greatly appreciated any funding we can raise.. Thank you!

MixLive Fundraiser – Servers

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